Indelibly Alove…

I wrote this back in like 2002/2003. It was for my first love. He taught me what being loved felt like.

He was the first to set me alove.


My love for you is indelible
Indelible like the sun
Even when eclipsed
Covered over
By the moon
Or a cloud
Still burning
Still alive
Still alight
Still alove
I am alove
Alove for you
My heart burns
Though scorched
By a black flame
Or white
The hottest
Deepest scars
Deepest cuts
Never too heal
Always open
Always hoping
Always wishing, praying, waiting
Always aching
Such pain
Near numb
Such bittersweet memories
Evoked by any one of our
Bittersweet melodies
Countless dedications
Countless words
Countless thoughts
Countless hurts
All indelible
All unforgettable
All so memorable
My first
My last
My in between
My everything
Indelible love
She is in love
It is indelible
She is indelibly alove
She is


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