Can We Go Back?

Can we go back?
Can we make it back?
Back to that place,
Where we made time for each other
Where we made each other laugh
Where we caused each others’ smiles

When we could lock eyes
With no words
And find ourselves
Inside a world
Made for no one else

Can we go back?
To the chemistry days
Those long bedded days
Where we’d count the ways
We could take each other to heaven…

Can we go back?
To that magical place
Where we’d lose ourselves
In each others’ embrace.
That safe, safe place,
My safe place.

Can we go back Mr?
Can we just try?
To those days
And to those nights.

Don’t say its dead
Don’t say its gone
The vibe between us
Which once was strong.

NJ 2006


About Naomi Jane
Not your average Jane

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