I have been betrayed.

When you leave something you cherish, such as your car, in the hands of a friend, you expect them to look after it. Not to let someone else who is not permitted, not insured AND not qualified drive it. And crash it. And ruin it. And then say to me that you’ve done me a favour. Because you lied to the police. To keep yourself out of more trouble.

When you leave something you cherish, such as your car, in the hands of a friend, and in their care it is broken, you expect them to want to contribute to the expense of getting it replaced. Not fully, but as a token. As an apology, as a start to repair the damage done. Not to the car. But to us. Not to say what about your insurance? What about the driver? What about the Criminal Bureau of Cars Lent to Waste Friends? And eventually then to say to me ‘soz luv, i’m not liable.’

‘Soz luv I’m not liable.’ ?!? I didn’t mention liability. I thought we were friends. Friendship isn’t about liability. It is about love, care, support and all those other deeper things. I thought you would want to make amends. I didn’t realise that our friendship boiled down to liability. That you still want to deny your errs. That you want to deny me assistance. That you want to deny me support. That you deny me real friendship. It was shallow. Skin deep.

Its funny isn’t it. That true colours show when crisis hits. Snakes come out when the grass is cut. Hold on, wasn’t it you that told me that?! Its better I know now than later. When there will be more at stake.

You betrayed me when you let him drive. And you betrayed me when you refused to help with the situation I find myself in caused by your mistake. Friendship is built on trust. I can’t trust you. I can’t stand you.

I have been betrayed. I feel hurt, angry and frustrated. But I will be ok. I’ve dealt with worse than this. You are nothing to me now. Expensive learning yet again. This can only teach me. Strengthen me. Better me. So thanks for that. And good bye.

And don’t forget luv. Karma is a bitch.


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