The Time Has Come

The time has come to say good-bye
The time has come to let ‘us’ die
The time has come to give up hope
The time has come to let ‘us’ go.

I don’t know what you thought
What you would achieve
Coming back into my life
With a female on your sleeve

I was healing
I was getting there
And then you turn up
Your scent fills my air

Flashbacks and desires
Are awoken anew
My thoughts, my mind
Consumed by you

You say you’ll leave her
I say I don’t want to know
But deep, deep down
I hoped that it was so

Two months later
You’re still texting my phone
‘Wha gwan’, ‘what’s cracking’
But you’re still not alone

You call me in the morning
Again in the afternoon
-Before and after training
When you are on your own

The way you speak to me changes
Friendship was never your aim
It seems you want to talk dirty
Play with my mind, play bad games

I am not your first lady now
I am no longer your Queen
I am now ‘the other woman’
But I cannot stand to be she

I am no one’s closet woman
But in your mind that seems so
And as that is the case now
I have to let you go.

I will not cry
No tears are left
But now this love
I put to rest


About Naomi Jane
Not your average Jane

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