Miss Naomi Jane (by Laura)

Jane I see in your eyes a stormy ice,
I dream of your hidden power,
I warm myself on your cold burn.
She is raging, my Jane and she will, will do, whatever is needed for her own emancipation.
Jane will rise, standing on the line between all and nothing and dancing the salsa, the rhythm of her own heart is enough, and she sings her own songs.
Where will she go, up lovers, higher,
what will she do lover, the best she can.
With one eye on them that would have her brought low, but only a farewell eye, she says goodbye to those who doubt, who hate and she smiles, they are not worth her rage.
Her other eye on glory, heart for god and her mind, well that’s for me and ill dance with it into the night come morning,
Naomi would you dance with me.

-Laura Akinsami


About Naomi Jane
Not your average Jane

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