This is love.

When she is with him she forgets the world

He is her world, all that matters, all she sees

She loses her powers, her strength, her poise

Her walls come crashing down around her

She is powerless, vulnerable, weakened by love.

Her defences melted by his infrequent gaze

Every second with him, every tick of the clock

Beautiful, priceless, eye- captured, eternal

Words are not needed, as she savours his essence

He questions her silence, she soaks in their peace

She’s flown for ten hours, to return to his side

Now inches between them, but still there’s an ocean

More real than the Atlantic, more valid than any sea

Somewhere between realism and imagination

they stay static, freezing time, counting hours

Stuck in a moment they don’t want to leave

Knowing their reality isn’t that of the worlds

Knowing the real world is less real and less true

She can’t and won’t fight the effects of his presence

She embraces them, but laments that him she cannot

His touch is paralysing, full of passion unfulfilled

Of Hope, of Faith, of Lust, of Love

He empowers her to be all she can be

To shoot for the stars and live out her dreams

She’s shot through the heart, and he is her star,

The greatest of all and the light of her life,

Pushing her forward, guiding her home

Where she Hopes he will meet her,

Though timescale unknown


About Naomi Jane
Not your average Jane

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