Slum Village!

Slum Village at the Jazz Cafe this Sunday got mixed reviews. Some attendees left cussing that classics were missed out of the set and that Jay wasn’t honoured enough, others left singing the tracks that were smashed. They’ve not been in the UK for 6 years, they played some real OLD material, Elzhi and T3 forgot a few lyrics and their DJ hadn’t brought the tracks the audience requested at the end.


I just left smiling. I enjoyed amazing music.

Here are some AWESOME tracks that didn’t get a recital on the night…


This beat is so sick. RIP J Dilla (AKA Jay Dee), such amazing talent.


Again Jay Dee’s talent is so beyond. I can listen to his tracks as instrumentals all day and not miss spoken word. His beats just speak.

Yum Yum:

Finally some footage from Monday at the Jazz Cafe.  In my opinion, it was worth every penny! And the vibe was sick, I love the Jazz Cafe anyway but the majority of the audience could rap along to almost every word! Check it….


Get Dis Money:

I love Slum Village!

RIP Jay Dee.

The End x


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