Today has been a day so emotive, so spiritual, so meaningful…

One where a chord is struck so deep within your being you fear it could spark your own undoing.

I am thankful for every component of my body that functions soundly and without fault. I am thankful for every component of my body that challenges its existence and its scientifically defined purpose. It is these parts that really keep me alive.

I am affected so deeply by the beautiful thing that is life, its complexity, its tragedy, its questionable raison d’etre. I am struck.

I have wept for life today. I have watched adults whose learning capabilities are different to what the misguided mass label normal, sing about what they love and demonstrate their human ability. And I have wept.

I have listened to music and song so touching, so overflowing with life’s meaning I have cried out.

I have been prepared today for yet another operation, that though I dread, I am excited about, as it is another act of human defiance against the universe. Another opportunity to demonstrate the infinite capability that the western medical practice possess. That ignorance is so stupid, so blinkered, and so sure of itself, it is the epitome of the human condition itself.

Mind-numbing, soul-awakening, spirit-rejuvenating beauty is available to us every second of every day. In the oddest moments and at the hardest times.

As I write this I weep with joy for life. For mine, for yours, for ours. I weep for the universe.



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2 Responses to Today…

  1. D.London says:

    I like this post! Very nice! Very true and shows your vulnerabilty x

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