So I made the effort to attend the Youth Funding Network get-together tonight, having been invited to previous occurences by my bro Matt Kepple and not being able to make it due to work commitments.

After the nightmare finding the venue and getting wet in the rain (I am not an East girl) I was pleasantly surprised to enter a venue that looked a lot like someone’s living room – full of bean bags, fairy lights, arts and crafts and culinary delights. Nice! Big up the woman behind the Samosas.

Handcrafted Heaven.

So the event format is that 3 projects are chosen prior to the night and get to pitch to the audience on the eve. All attendees pay a £10 entry fee and get an equivilant cash value voucher. Once all 3 projects have pitched, audience members then chose to donate their vouchers (and more if they wish) to which ever project(s) they feel are worthy of support.

Once the giving formalities were over (not that they were at all formal, more like a sexually charged auction (with no sex) thanks to Matt’s compare style), we were entertained with Brazilian beats, acoustic guitar and some serious spoken word (BIGBIGBIG).

Lyric of the night: ‘I miss you like Dre misses NWA’.

Rum and Ginger was the tipple of the night. Not for me obvs, it’s still Lent.

Anyways, it was a great eve, big ups to the whole YTFN team, and as ever, it was just wonderful to be immersed in the energy created by a room full of socially-conscious-passionate-about positive-change people. Vibes galore.

Great concept. Great formula. Great event! Really looking forward to the next one. Date has not yet been announced but in the meantime join the YTFN mailing list to get in the loop. I’ll see ya’ll there. x

Lost One

Feeling like I’ve lost a good one right now.

“But time don’t go back it goes 4WD


“We ain’t we, it’s me and her, cos what she prefers over me is work, and that’s where we defer, so I have to give her free time even if it hurts. So breath mami it’s¬†deserved, you’ve been put on this earth to be all you can be like the reserves, and me my timing is on me, …the time’s now for her... and maybe we can be we again like we were. Finally my time’s too short to share, and to ask her now it ain’t fair”