Global Mamas Internship Competition

Are you 16+ with creative genes and a passion for social progress and international development?

Would you like to win an all expenses paid month long internship with the Global Mamas NGO in Accra, Ghana?

The internship will provide the winner with the opportunity to embark on a life changing journey to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and become self-sufficient through business and IT consulting and training.

All you need to do is become a member of the ASPECKS online community, buy one of their limited edition Global Citizen t-shirts and submit some creative content to the website about what it means to you to be a GLOBAL CITIZEN.

Entries will be judged on the basis of creative thought and effort and a cross-section of entries will be posted on the website. The most innovative articulation will win!

For more details, please check out the ASPECKS website.

Global Mamas is a non-profit and fair trade organization set up by the Women In Progress network that assists women to become economically independent.

ASPECKS exists to promote the spirit of cultural exchange and skills collaboration within the context of global society.

Shout out to my homeboys Paul & Kofi – founding directors of ASPECKS.


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