Save the Arts in Croydon!

The Clocktower Arts Centre in Croydon along with its Arts Participation programme is facing massive cuts and possible closure in 2011.

The council is considering five options for the future of the Arts Service in Croydon. These options range from keeping everything the same (saving no money) to cutting almost all service functions.

Options 3 and 4 will affect the Arts Participation function AKA “Clocktower arts participation activities for young people, people with learning disabilities, refugees and schools“.

Arts Participation at The Clocktower delivers a range of projects including Club Soda events run by people with learning disabilities, IGNITE arts events run by and for young people, Perpanata a theatre company for young refugees, as well as year round opportunities for local schools to workshop with some of the UK’s most exciting theatre and arts companies.

If Arts Participation in Croydon were cut it would mean:

  • No more Club Soda
  • No more IGNITE
  • No more Perpanata
  • No other arts participation projects for people to take part in run by the Council. No further support for local artists or performers who work with Clocktower Arts.

It is highly likely that these cuts will also mean no David Lean Cinema, no theatre, music or comedy at The Clocktower Arts Centre and no Croydon Summer Festival. There will also be less exhibition spaces and no museum education programme.

Myself and 4WD have worked with the wonderful Clocktower Arts team on a number of projects, helping source and settle unemployed young people into marketing apprenticeships, promoting IGNiTE programmes and under 18 music events, and organising industry insight events for disadvantaged young people. It will be an outrage if this critically acclaimed arts and cultural centre is lost.

You have until January 6th to put your comments and suggestions to the Council’s Cabinet. I strongly urge you to have your say by completing the questionnaire online at

Thank you in advance for your support.


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