It’s time to UP THE TEMPO!


Feel free to blog about the event and use the above flyers! Let us know if you do so we can big you up.


We Could Have Had It All…

The way I nearly crashed the car when this came on the radio today. Jamie XX I salute you.

‘The scars of your love, remind me of us, they keep me thinking that we almost had it all…’

The Dreaded Stairs

This is why I ❤ Goldielocks, she sends me ish like this:

Whenever I take the stairs I will now hit a piano note with every step 🙂


Over the last few months I have been organising a music industry insight event for young people in Croydon.


UP THE TEMPO a free music industry information event for young people 13-21 in Croydon

Saturday 5th February 2-6pm


Taster workshops: DJing / Music production / Vocal coaching / MPC demo

There is an open mic session too so you can show Croydon what you’ve got!

If you’re 13-21 register your place here:

If you’re an org who runs youth music activities register here:

Follow us on Twitter: @UpTheTempoEvent
Follow our hardworking crew on Twitter here: @UpTheTempoCrew
Here is our event page on Facebook

Please spread the word to any young people who might be interested.

Thank you!

Alone – G FrSH feat Arrow

“First off I’m self-made, and thanks to that flour you can say that I’m self-raised & I’m my own boss, best know I’m self-paid. I never came to make a difference but I did it with my change”

Black Biscuit – Anonymous

I love this video. One consistent take of creative genius. And an emotive beat too. Dope.

Who You Are – Jessie J

The legend that is Jessie J performs with just a boombox at Times Square in New York.

Who You Are” is the title track from Jessie’s upcoming album. Last month Jessie was announced as the winner of the 2011 BRIT Award’s Critics’ Choice Award! So happy for her, and so grateful to have seen her perform live so many times for free (because soon seeing her live is going to be really expensive!!)

“My message to young people would be ‘BE TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE‘ Do not ever think that it won’t get better. It will. You are not alone” – Jessie J


Yesterday I spoke at the #TedXOrenda conference. The theme was Austerity Britain and I was asked to inspire the audience of 200 educators at a time when they face unparalleled cuts and shrinking budgets.

I shared stories and memories of my personal educational journey and my thoughts and musings on the priceless, intangible elements of education, those that are not affected by budgets or cuts. Such as the ability to influence and inspire, to invoke belief and encourage free thinking. The need for young people to be taught how to engage with information and people they don’t know, how to make informed decisions and articulate ideas. I spoke about the dynamic changes taking place in society and industry, and the desperate need for education and curricula to catch up and meet students’ varying needs in order to become engaging and relevant.

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Women Are Heroes

An emotive and moving trailer of the film ‘Women are Heroes’ by the infamous French photographer JR who in 2008 traveled to the corners of the world to capture in photo and film the strength, courage and dignity of women who live in areas of conflict. Sorry the first vid is in French, I read French but even if you don’t the imagery is powerful alone.

JR wanted to help women fulfill their need to tell their stories, with the life in their faces and the pain in their hearts.

(Warning: this clip is pretty hard hitting)

JR has been awarded the TED 2011 Prize for his fascinating, innovative photography projects.

The world’s streets and hills are his canvas.

I am in awe of his creativity and his selflessness – to this day he remains anonymous so as to ensure his subjects and their stories are the focus of the public.