Yesterday I spoke at the #TedXOrenda conference. The theme was Austerity Britain and I was asked to inspire the audience of 200 educators at a time when they face unparalleled cuts and shrinking budgets.

I shared stories and memories of my personal educational journey and my thoughts and musings on the priceless, intangible elements of education, those that are not affected by budgets or cuts. Such as the ability to influence and inspire, to invoke belief and encourage free thinking. The need for young people to be taught how to engage with information and people they don’t know, how to make informed decisions and articulate ideas. I spoke about the dynamic changes taking place in society and industry, and the desperate need for education and curricula to catch up and meet students’ varying needs in order to become engaging and relevant.

It was a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful evening and I would like to thank Drew for inviting me to speak and congratulate him on such a successful event. It was the first time I have given a speech with my mum as a member of the audience! A passionate teacher of Biology and Psychology, she thoroughly enjoyed the night and refrained from heckling me.

I am so pleased to have received such warm responses from the audience, here are some of my favourite comments:

RT @Mediasnackers: #tedxorenda @MissNaomiJane on stage & owning the place… you follow her right?

RT @Dughall: “We need to have a relationship with information in order to succeed” @missnaomijane #tedxorenda

RT @DavidMcQueen: @missnaomijane rocking the stage. Making sense of the relevance of education. 4wd! #tedxorenda

RT @mrlockyer: #TEDxOrenda a passionate, refreshing and engaging talk by @missnaomijane

RT @GianninaRossini: Another passionate plea to bring curricula up to date, this time from @missnaomijane #TEDxOrenda

RT @Jules_u: @missnaomijane on things that are priceless in education – often intangible skills, not reprocessing info to pass exams #TEDxOrenda

RT @GuerillaBass: Passionate words spoken about young peoples needs in education by @missnaomijane at #tedxorenda

RT @DavidMcQueen: Yes I am @missnaomijane big brutha and mentor. People confuse us as twins! #tedxorenda

RT @davestone: “my business studies teacher was a role model for me because he was an entrepreneur” @MissNaomiJane #TEDxOrenda

RT @mrlockyer: #TEDxOrenda @missnaomijane knows more about the impact of education than most people in education. “you can make an impact in one sentence”

RT @jachapman82: @MissNaomiJane Great speech Are you interested in working with my school in tower hamlets?

RT @EOIacademy: @missnaomijane Relevance is key to learning! And handshaking is a viable skill. 🙂 #ted #tedx

RT @chapmancentral: @MissNaomiJane evoked memories of the difficulties of being an intuitive thinker in a process-driven education system. #TEDxOrenda

RT @Smichael920: #tedxorenda not heard @MissNaomiJane as missing all the fun, but get the feeling she speaks from the heart. #newfollow

RT @chrisrat: @missnaomijane thank you for such an inspiring talk at #tedxorenda. You stole the show, amazing. You will go far!

RT @chrisrat: @MissNaomiJane was absolutely amazing. Passionate, articulate and inspirational. I was v lucky to have been there. #tedxorenda

RT @sukh_singh86: @MissNaomiJane fantastic passionate talk tonight #TEDXOrenda, thanks so much 4 sharing – v keen to learn more about you and 4WD!

RT @DavidMcQueen: @missnaomijane proud of you. the end.

To all those quoted above, thank you so much for your encouraging words, I am very glad that my message resonated with you.

If you are interested in finding out more about The 4WD Foundation, please do follow us on Twitter @4WDFoundation and check out our blog for details of our past and current work.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in working with us!

For those who did not attend but would like to hear my talk I will be able to share it with you once I receive it – please keep an eye out for that!


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