Emily’s Heart <3

I miss Emily‘s heart.


I am 25 action-packed years young today!!

Dear blog readers,

Firstly, thank you for being a part of my journey, yes you. Thank You. I know lots of you check in here and don’t comment, but you tell me in other ways you read this online scrapbook of mine, so thanks.

I want to say that my life so far has been absolutely mental and totally action-packed, and I am very grateful for all of my life experiences, both good and bad, because they have made me the woman I am today. I think 25 is a bit of a milestone, and so think it is a good idea to spend some time reflecting on where I’ve come from and where I’m heading.

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I love the Laughing Boy!

This is my cousin’s night! The launch last month was too funny!


Love You Mum

The Moving Statchoo

THE MOVING STATCHOO, by Kamila, aged 7:

“Once upon a the ther was a statchoo hoo came alive. the statchoo lived next to a poned. when the statchoo looked in the poned ther was a duck in the poned halow. halow wats your name said the statchoo my name ow it’s mister smith wats your name said the duck ow it’s rose thats a nice name said the duck thak you said rose would you like to come to my house sure said the statchoo folow me so of thay whent what a lovely house said the rose thak you your wellcome. would you like to meet my famaly sure said rose when thay got in the house thay sore mister smifes wife. halow huny said miss smife halow wife meet Rose nice to meet you Rose thank you said Rose. would you like to live with us sure. let’s go swiming said mister smith ok i just love happy ending the end.”

-There is so much to learn from this story.

Happy Birthday Angel M…

Happy Birthday my darling Angel M.

My horrifically beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday went down a right treat. Both live. Then surround sound by phoning her (as she sat next to me) then Facebook, Twitter blah blah blah.

Hope you like the presents.

Lots of love

Big sis x

PS- Follow the beauty @LitttleMoonStar

There is a new Mad Woman in TwitterTown …

My fabulous Mummy! Follow her for wit and wisdom; The Mad House’s goings on; and of course, lots of (pretty borderline) dry humour.

She quite simply rocks- I know you were all wondering where I get it from!


Emily is Twenty!

Happy Burrday SugarPlum x

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.
– Emily Dickinson

It May Never Be The Same

(For Em)
It may never be the same
And its HIS loss
So what a shame
But with your exquisite frame
Your lovely name
Your beauty remains
And so you always got game!!

You’re young and you’re single
You’re pretty and nimble
So get out their baby!
Go out and mingle!

The man of your dreams
Might be just round the corner
But you ain’t gonna find him
Till you take a wander!

So lets go get walking
Lets go get talking
And make sure you’re smiling
So your beauty stays shining.

It might hurt for now
But darling hurts how
The heart needs to heal
So you don’t need to conceal
How the pain feels so real

So let it all out
Scream kick and shout
And cry just a little
But cry with a smile
And then laugh a while

Because your future awaits
And though time it takes
Things will get better
Things will get brighter

How do I know?
Because you’re a fighter!

You weren’t born for defeat
You weren’t born to be beat
You were born to rise
You were born to shine
So wipe those eyes
Of sadness and grime
So that you’re ready
For the good times!

Em You are a star worth more than gold
Beauty like yours can’t be bought or sold

Every year I watch you grow
But I think its time I show
You how much you mean to me
You are my angel, 143