WYSE International Leadership Programme – application deadline looms

Boxing Day 2008 I left my Nanny’s house, said good-bye to the family as they continued with Christmas celebrations, packed a bag and caught a flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The next two weeks were sprinkled with some of my life’s most defining moments. Two weeks earlier I’d been offered a place on the WYSE (World Youth and Social Enterprise) ILP (International Leadership Programme). I jumped at the chance to get away from dreary UK, explore a new country and do some much-needed ‘soul searching’. I learnt so much about myself and developed such fantastic relationships there I often wish I could relive those two weeks again and again. I had the time of my life.

There is now less than a month to go before the deadline for applications for the 2011 WYSE ILP which is taking place in beautiful Lucca, Italy (28th July – 12th August).

WYSE’s world renowned International Leadership Programme provides a unique and inspirational opportunity to:

  • Develop your leadership potential through team projects, personal reflection, physical activities, deep discussion and the arts.
  • Explore the underlying causes of global problems, and develop a social entrepreneurial approach.
  • Identify your values and guiding principles in order to gain a clearer sense of balance, purpose and life direction.
  • Develop an international network of friends and peers who wish to collaborate and make a positive difference.
  • Increase your understanding of the influence of and relationship between individuals, local NGOs and international organisations such as the United Nations.

WYSE International is a global charity that supports young people with vision and awareness, who care about what’s happening in the world, and want to do what they can to make a positive difference. We promote visionary leadership capable of responding to evolving world needs such as peace, human rights, democracy and sustainability.

People who have attended WYSE in the past have found the experience extremely beneficial, and have come away with a clearer sense of who they are and where they are heading in the future.

If you are 18-35, passionate about making a positive difference to the world and seeking purpose and perspective I strongly encourage you to apply.

For more information please email ilp@wyse-ngo.org and WYSE will send you a full Information Pack with programme brochure, self-assessment (for you to check your suitability) and application forms.

‘WYSE is a gift, accept it and cherish it.  It will help you grow into the best person that you can become’ (Hyatt, Kuwait)


Global Mamas Internship Competition

Are you 16+ with creative genes and a passion for social progress and international development?

Would you like to win an all expenses paid month long internship with the Global Mamas NGO in Accra, Ghana?

The internship will provide the winner with the opportunity to embark on a life changing journey to help female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and become self-sufficient through business and IT consulting and training.

All you need to do is become a member of the ASPECKS online community, buy one of their limited edition Global Citizen t-shirts and submit some creative content to the website about what it means to you to be a GLOBAL CITIZEN.

Entries will be judged on the basis of creative thought and effort and a cross-section of entries will be posted on the website. The most innovative articulation will win!

For more details, please check out the ASPECKS website.

Global Mamas is a non-profit and fair trade organization set up by the Women In Progress network that assists women to become economically independent.

ASPECKS exists to promote the spirit of cultural exchange and skills collaboration within the context of global society.

Shout out to my homeboys Paul & Kofi – founding directors of ASPECKS.

United Underground 2


Get tickets HERE

We are One.

Ok so generally I’m not a political preacher. But this is important. This is about getting our major political parties to be real about what they have planned to tackle GLOBAL POVERTY.

Extreme poverty is very real and life-threatening for billions. We need to care.

Lots has been done since the awesome Make Poverty History Campaign came to an end four years ago. But there is SO much more to be done. The UK has the resources and (in my opinion) the humanitarian duty to do what it can to assist those in need.

We all know it’s election year and a lot of political figureheads will be doing a lot of chatting…

But I seriously want to know what the potential leaders of our country have planned to fight extreme poverty.

I want to hear from our three major political party leaders; Brown, Cameron and Clegg what is on their agenda to maintain and advance the UK’s role as a global leader for sustainable international development.

I’ve just signed a petition over at One International to ask the big cats to be real and honest about their plans to help those who really need it.

This is about asking for answers to important questions.

I’d really appreciate if you join me, it’ll only take a sec.

Please spread the word!

Thanks guys

We are One.