We are One.

Ok so generally I’m not a political preacher. But this is important. This is about getting our major political parties to be real about what they have planned to tackle GLOBAL POVERTY.

Extreme poverty is very real and life-threatening for billions. We need to care.

Lots has been done since the awesome Make Poverty History Campaign came to an end four years ago. But there is SO much more to be done. The UK has the resources and (in my opinion) the humanitarian duty to do what it can to assist those in need.

We all know it’s election year and a lot of political figureheads will be doing a lot of chatting…

But I seriously want to know what the potential leaders of our country have planned to fight extreme poverty.

I want to hear from our three major political party leaders; Brown, Cameron and Clegg what is on their agenda to maintain and advance the UK’s role as a global leader for sustainable international development.

I’ve just signed a petition over at One International to ask the big cats to be real and honest about their plans to help those who really need it.

This is about asking for answers to important questions.

I’d really appreciate if you join me, it’ll only take a sec.

Please spread the word!

Thanks guys

We are One.



Clubbing For Haiti

I’m fresh outta surgery and calling out to my wonderful blog readers direct from my recovery bed…

If you live in or around London, don’t send me flowers / grapes / cards. There’s something much more practical you can do to wish me well…

I want you ALL to head down to The Den tomorrow night (Wednesday 20th January) to help Haiti.

Ctrl Alt Shift has partnered with Somenight and True Tiger to put on an unbelievable charitable music event to raise money for our Haitian family.

Hundreds of thousands desperately need our help following last week’s catastrophic Earthquake and its aftermath.

The line-up is any UK music lover’s DREAM; DJs, MCs, rappers, singers from many genres, signed and unsigned, uniting to do what they do best for Haiti.

Wiley, Tinie Tempah, JME, Heartless Crew, Sway, MJ Cole, Shy FX, Mz Bratt, The Thirst and more are confirmed.

All you need to do is go with as much money as you can afford to give and be musically blessed by UK’s finest!

All proceeds will fund Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s response to the desperate humanitarian situation in Haiti.

For the full out-of-this-world line-up and more details please click here: http://www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk/article/clubbing-haiti

* Date: Wednesday, 20th January
* Price: Minimum donation on the door £5 (you know you can afford to give a hella lot more- NJ)
* Time: 10pm-5am
* Location: The Den & Centro, 18 West Central St, London WC1A 1JJ http://www.thedenandcentro.com/

There will be a raffle, so take extra cash for this and if you or your company have anything you can donate please e-mail yumna@ctrlaltshift.co.uk

If you are a guy and are able to volunteer your time on the night please e-mail sian@livity.co.uk

If you want to do more, you can ALSO donate directly to support Haiti here or here.

If like me you can’t make it (ABSOLUTELY GUTTED), you can still help!
Spread the word; share this link, e-mail everyone you know, use your free texts for a good cause, Tweet, Wastebook, phone calls, dare I say BBM?!


Updates on how much money has been raised and how the aid is being distributed will be available at www.ctrlaltshift.co.uk/haiti

We are one Human race. We are one family. Here in the UK we are so blessed, let’s show our love to our Haitian family in their time of need.

Love and Healing to Haiti.

Sunday Sessions 16…

In light of the apocalyptic catastrophe that has devastated our Haitian family, I dedicate this week’s Sunday Session to their Healing. Their Future. Their Children. Our Healing. Our future. Our children.

We Are The World.

(Different cause, consistent message)

Do what you can.

God bless Haiti.

Help Haiti…

I am praying for Haiti.

Whatever your faith / spirituality please join me in sending positive thoughts / prayers of healing, peace, security and love to our Haitian family.

May we all do whatever is in our power, financially and otherwise, to support Haiti and its thousands of inhabitants who now find themselves orphaned, injured and homeless.

There are many small charities and groups working to help Haiti, however I personally have chosen to donate to one of the larger organisations because of the issues that have been reported regarding logistical management of aid delivery.

You can donate here:

Disasters Emergency Committee: http://www.dec.org.uk/donate_now/

Unicef: http://www.unicef.org.uk/Donate_Haiti

British Red Cross: http://www.RedCross.org.uk/haitiearthquake

Remember whatever you can afford will help.

Sign The Petition:

Also PLEASE take a minute to add your name to the petition to persuade the world (USA *cough cough*) to drop Haiti’s current debt. We want the aid they receive now to be catch-free and the debt they have ‘owed’ for time to be abolished so they have the opportunity to get back on their feet. Sign the petition here:


God Heal Haiti.