Art is The Cure (AITC)

Had a meeting this morning with Rich Simmons and Graham over at the Art is The Cure HQ in Norwood Junction. There studio is awesome, floor to ceiling murals and amazing street art propped up all over the place, as well as covering every possible surface.

Am pleased to be able to announce that 4WD Foundation will be working in partnership with AITC and Ignite on a few youth projects based at AITC HQ this summer. For more info on Art is The Cure watch this short (pretty old school!) video featuring founder Rich Simmons:

Tomorrow Rich will be creating a street piece outside the Opera Gallery prior to featuring alongside the likes of Banksy and D*Face at The Street Art Show, which he has kindly invited me and Goldie to! My first ever art gallery private party invite! Apparently Hugh Grant is on the guest list and there is free champagne…

Win a FREE Marketing Video for your Company

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To enter this competition, simply complete the simple registration form on the Mediathirsty website before the end of TOMORROW 15th June 2011 – all entries will need to be received before this date.

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Women Are Heroes

An emotive and moving trailer of the film ‘Women are Heroes’ by the infamous French photographer JR who in 2008 traveled to the corners of the world to capture in photo and film the strength, courage and dignity of women who live in areas of conflict. Sorry the first vid is in French, I read French but even if you don’t the imagery is powerful alone.

JR wanted to help women fulfill their need to tell their stories, with the life in their faces and the pain in their hearts.

(Warning: this clip is pretty hard hitting)

JR has been awarded the TED 2011 Prize for his fascinating, innovative photography projects.

The world’s streets and hills are his canvas.

I am in awe of his creativity and his selflessness – to this day he remains anonymous so as to ensure his subjects and their stories are the focus of the public.

Changing Education Paradigms

This just makes so much sense to me. It really resonates. For so many reasons.

Big up to my homegirl Goldie for the link.

Channel 4 Education Conference

I was asked to speak on behalf of The 4WD Foundation with the wonderful Captain Sam Conniff of Livity at this Summer’s Channel 4 Education Conference on “What you really need to know, but never never learn at school“. Sam and I combined our knowledge and experiences that have come from working with young people who aren’t in education, employment or training (NEET) to present the huge impact that educational irrelevance has on these young people. We also spoke about how unhelpful and isolating acronyms like ‘NEET’ are.

Here are some of the main insights that we shared:

The 4WD Insight

Education doesn’t teach students about the lifelong relevance and importance of information. Information is a basic component of knowledge (which is power) and therefore is a micro component of education. In order to succeed in life, a young person needs to know:
– how to initiate, develop and maintain a positive relationship with information
They need to know:
– how best to analyse, critique, demand, exploit, interact with, source and value information
This enables them to go on to live a life making positive informed life choices & decisions.

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