The Dreaded Stairs

This is why I ❤ Goldielocks, she sends me ish like this:

Whenever I take the stairs I will now hit a piano note with every step 🙂

Young, Poor and living in London?

Then you need Young and Poor in your life!

Every Monday they send a great newsletter to my inbox full of free or cheap fun things to do in London!

From free film screenings, to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream give-aways, to free gigs and secret sales events…

You can sign up to receive the Young and Poor newsletter via their site.

Beyonce I love you!

Awesome bonus track on the Queen’s I am Sasha Fierce platinum album and what a fantastically sexy and fun video… er’body else in the game EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT.

I just wanna DANCE to this!!

Even if he doesn’t love you B, I do! Holla x

I want in…

I want to listen, to share, to engage,

To see if it was possible to get back on the same page,

To understand you, to explain me.

To apologise, to learn, to talk, to maybe…

See if we were even reading the same book anymore.

To see if we could start over, afresh, like before.

I’ve enjoyed learning you Sir, so, so much,

The feel of your strong pages under my touch,

The majesty of your words under my gaze,

The sensation of your voice, the melody of each phrase,

Your words then danced on the page before me.

Now they lay flat, more 2 than 4D.

So if you’re grown tired of teaching me you,

Or if you’ve decided learning me just isn’t for you,

Of course, I will be sad and disappointed,

But I am strong, a Princess anointed.

I will be ok, I am fully grown.

I can handle it. Just let me know.

And if it’s possible, to speak with you,

To listen and have a ‘silence breakthrough’,

To make believe, to imagine and play,

To have fun again, to flirt every day,

To continue our adventure of dialogue and prose,

I want in,

just so,

you know x


Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
– Plautus