Black Batman – G FrSH

Black Batman is from G‘s current mixtape Legoman: Where’s My Brick? Which is available for free download HERE.

I am so proud of my FrSH family, they really are in a-whole-nother league.

This video is further proof that on all accounts, FrSH is the FUTURE.

Artist – G FrSH

Music Producer – Thy Maryan

Video Director- Jak FrSH

We stay FrSH.

Sunday Sessions 16…

In light of the apocalyptic catastrophe that has devastated our Haitian family, I dedicate this week’s Sunday Session to their Healing. Their Future. Their Children. Our Healing. Our future. Our children.

We Are The World.

(Different cause, consistent message)

Do what you can.

God bless Haiti.

Are We a Lost Generation?

“There is Hope.

It is us.”