Alexis Jordan – Happiness

For some reason this song really resonates with me right now.

Alexis Jordan entered America’s Got Talent at the tender age of 14 and has come a long way since then- Jay Z is now her manager! She is in good hands 🙂

I am mine.

Yesterday is the day I officially/legally became ‘Miss Naomi Jane‘.

Some of you will understand the importance and significance this holds for me. Some of you won’t. Either way. I am so Happy.

Feel my JOY!

I am reborn.

I feel all shiny and brand new.

Happy New Me.




I am mine.

Onwards, upwards and 4WDs…

Brap x

Happy Two Thousand and Zen! (2010)

Happy New Year my wonderful enlightened readers! 🙂

I hope you have had as beautiful a start to 2010 as I have. I am very excited about the year ahead!

So we’ve have had 2000 and great (2008), 2000 and mine (2009)

….and I was trying to think of a word to rhyme with ‘ten‘ that would be relevant to my goals for the New Year.

I love ‘men‘ (obviously), but it is a bit cheeky (note the plural)

Most other suggestions I got were not so relevant; Hen (?), Ben (something to do with Wastenders)…

Anyways, I went through the alphabet and eventually got to ‘Z’, as you do.

Checked out the Zen concept, and I like muchly.



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…Each of us live dependently, yet independently…
…If our eyes are open, we see…
…Living with nature, is finding your own way…
…Leaving the past behind, living in this moment…


Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
– Plautus