Emily’s Heart <3

I miss Emily‘s heart.

You Could Be Happy and I Won’t Know.

Is it too late to remind you how we were?

You could be happy, and I won’t know. You could be happy, I hope you are.

You made me happier than I’ve been by far. x

Sunday Sessions 26…

If my heart could sing a song right now…


I heard his smile

It warmed my heart

Maybe just maybe

We could start…

Amor Vincit Omnia

Single or involved,

Loved up or heart-broken,

We all are loved.

We all know the beauty of love.

We all can live a life of love.

We are love.

The Vixen & The Beast

She is from south
He is from east
She is a vixen
He is a beast

Match made in Heaven
So it would seem
She is the cat
He is her cream

Put them together
Fireworks start
He gives his body
She gives her heart

Intellect prospers
Challenge they must
The least that they have
Is a mountain of lust

My heart and I

I tried again today
To reason with her
Make her see sense
But she wouldn’t listen

As usual she ignored me
So headstrong
So stubborn
So on my sleeve (so me)

I explained again
Our situation
But no she said
No negotiations

I told her to let go
To break free, give up
But she won’t have it
She beats with hope

She’s holding on
She’s sticking tight
She’s still in love
With all her might

Why won’t she listen
It’s been over a year
Since she felt his warmth
Since he was here

But still she loves
Still she longs
Still she hopes
Believes he will return

He loves another
now I cry
She doesn’t care
And so I cry

He let us go
Just do the same
No she says
Not today

How about tomorrow?
maybe next week
No she states
Release is for the weak.

He made a fool of us
And now you’re making a fool of me
I don’t care she says
We’re meant to be

What about logic?
Sense and reason?
He left us and has moved on
Why don’t you stop believing?!

“They are not my languages
I speak faith hope and LOVE
Time is not over
so I will remain ALOVE”

Confused heart by ~D-r-i-f-t on deviantART