Rio Breaks – London Premiere

My homie from LA Justin Mitchell is coming to London for the premiere of his film Rio Breaks this Friday at The Empire, Leicester Square and I am so looking forward to seeing him and watching the film as it is all set in one of my favourite places: BRAZIL.


LA Flashback…

I was in the vintage clothes warehouse just at the start of the valley on the wrong side of the Hills. I was looking at denim jackets (or shoes, probably shoes…) and I slowly tuned into the song being played out on the tanoy. It was a woman singing about her soul mate and them not being able to be together. The song meant so much to me at that time in my life and I found tears rolling silently down my cheeks as I pushed he hangers from left to right (so wait, it was jackets, not shoes), no longer able to focus on the clothes, my mind consumed by him.