Cabin Fever…

I feel like this:


PS– My Mum is an actual G. Look at the cute postcard she left in my diary which I found this morning! *LOVE*

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There is a new Mad Woman in TwitterTown …

My fabulous Mummy! Follow her for wit and wisdom; The Mad House’s goings on; and of course, lots of (pretty borderline) dry humour.

She quite simply rocks- I know you were all wondering where I get it from!


An Intimate Affair …

So in an attempt to use up The Mad House‘s NYE GOLDEN STARS PARTY endless alcohol and food supplies, yesterday I invited a few friends round that turned into a few dozen to come and help a sister out.

Friends, free-flowing food and drink, music, convo, fire and rather heated games resulted in a fantastic evening, night and early morning with the last guests arriving at 3am and the last guest leaving at 8am!

So much talent and positivity passed through these four walls I’m surprised the roof didn’t pop right off.

There were writers, journalists, artists, rappers, singers, producers, actors, comedians, models, PR gurus, stylists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, magicians, DJs…

Got me thinking about how much we could achieve united, and in what capacity. *pause*

Beautiful times.

Here’s to the next Intimate Affair, (date TBC). Potentially with a theme. And a tangible creative outcome. E X C I T E M E N T…

First I have to scrub the floors (again).

Thank you all so much for coming and for being fabulous.


Kisses x

PS- Mummy sends her love to you all. In her words, you are all simply delightful.