He had that skin that you just wanted to touch

To find out if it was as easy on the fingertips as it was on the eyes

Amor Vincit Omnia

Single or involved,

Loved up or heart-broken,

We all are loved.

We all know the beauty of love.

We all can live a life of love.

We are love.

Have You Seen Her?

Have you seen her?
That blue eyed girl
With a smile bigger than her face
And a laugh so loud you wince.

Have you seen her?
That green eyed girl
With such an appetite for adventure
She dares to take on the world.

Have you seen her?
That grey eyed girl
With her inquisitive mind
Her desire to learn, to see, to know.

Have you seen her?
That bright eyed girl?
With her dreams of change
And grand plans for progress.

Have you seen her?
That golden eyed girl
With her passion for freedom
Her love for justice and peace.

Have you seen her?
The Irish eyed girl.
Please send her to me.
Back to me.
Her and I were meant to be.
Without she

I want in…

I want to listen, to share, to engage,

To see if it was possible to get back on the same page,

To understand you, to explain me.

To apologise, to learn, to talk, to maybe…

See if we were even reading the same book anymore.

To see if we could start over, afresh, like before.

I’ve enjoyed learning you Sir, so, so much,

The feel of your strong pages under my touch,

The majesty of your words under my gaze,

The sensation of your voice, the melody of each phrase,

Your words then danced on the page before me.

Now they lay flat, more 2 than 4D.

So if you’re grown tired of teaching me you,

Or if you’ve decided learning me just isn’t for you,

Of course, I will be sad and disappointed,

But I am strong, a Princess anointed.

I will be ok, I am fully grown.

I can handle it. Just let me know.

And if it’s possible, to speak with you,

To listen and have a ‘silence breakthrough’,

To make believe, to imagine and play,

To have fun again, to flirt every day,

To continue our adventure of dialogue and prose,

I want in,

just so,

you know x

The Vixen & The Beast

She is from south
He is from east
She is a vixen
He is a beast

Match made in Heaven
So it would seem
She is the cat
He is her cream

Put them together
Fireworks start
He gives his body
She gives her heart

Intellect prospers
Challenge they must
The least that they have
Is a mountain of lust


A very special young man sent me the word ‘Morgen’ via BBM and as I do not speak German I Googled it.

How ironic that it resulted in me coming across this exquisite German poem:

Morgen! Written by Richard Strauss

(English edition of the song by John Bernhoff, 1925 Universal-Edition)

Tomorrow’s sun will rise in glory beaming,
And in the pathway that my foot shall wander,
We’ll meet, forget the earth, and lost in dreaming,
Let heav’n unite a love that earth no more shall sunder…
And towards that shore, its billows softly flowing,
Our hands entwined, our footsteps slowly wending,
Gaze in each other’s eyes in love’s soft splendour glowing,
Mute with tears of joy and bliss ne’er ending…

Temporary Freedom

I can’t drink anymore

One sip and I’m on the way to numb

To false freedom, temporary release

From the prison of my love for you

Vices momentarily unlock my cage

So I can roam blind drunk

Or moaning to God for thanks

Wildly unaware

You in the back of my mind

A distant memory

Until the distraction ends

And I am bound again


First Kiss

Eyes lock
Eyes wide
No blink
Your face
I see
Your hands
Pull you
Draw you
Breath you


My heart and I

I tried again today
To reason with her
Make her see sense
But she wouldn’t listen

As usual she ignored me
So headstrong
So stubborn
So on my sleeve (so me)

I explained again
Our situation
But no she said
No negotiations

I told her to let go
To break free, give up
But she won’t have it
She beats with hope

She’s holding on
She’s sticking tight
She’s still in love
With all her might

Why won’t she listen
It’s been over a year
Since she felt his warmth
Since he was here

But still she loves
Still she longs
Still she hopes
Believes he will return

He loves another
now I cry
She doesn’t care
And so I cry

He let us go
Just do the same
No she says
Not today

How about tomorrow?
maybe next week
No she states
Release is for the weak.

He made a fool of us
And now you’re making a fool of me
I don’t care she says
We’re meant to be

What about logic?
Sense and reason?
He left us and has moved on
Why don’t you stop believing?!

“They are not my languages
I speak faith hope and LOVE
Time is not over
so I will remain ALOVE”

Confused heart by ~D-r-i-f-t on deviantART

Miss Naomi Jane (by Laura)

Jane I see in your eyes a stormy ice,
I dream of your hidden power,
I warm myself on your cold burn.
She is raging, my Jane and she will, will do, whatever is needed for her own emancipation.
Jane will rise, standing on the line between all and nothing and dancing the salsa, the rhythm of her own heart is enough, and she sings her own songs.
Where will she go, up lovers, higher,
what will she do lover, the best she can.
With one eye on them that would have her brought low, but only a farewell eye, she says goodbye to those who doubt, who hate and she smiles, they are not worth her rage.
Her other eye on glory, heart for god and her mind, well that’s for me and ill dance with it into the night come morning,
Naomi would you dance with me.

-Laura Akinsami