This is love.

When she is with him she forgets the world

He is her world, all that matters, all she sees

She loses her powers, her strength, her poise

Her walls come crashing down around her

She is powerless, vulnerable, weakened by love.

Her defences melted by his infrequent gaze

Every second with him, every tick of the clock

Beautiful, priceless, eye- captured, eternal

Words are not needed, as she savours his essence

He questions her silence, she soaks in their peace

She’s flown for ten hours, to return to his side

Now inches between them, but still there’s an ocean

More real than the Atlantic, more valid than any sea

Somewhere between realism and imagination

they stay static, freezing time, counting hours

Stuck in a moment they don’t want to leave

Knowing their reality isn’t that of the worlds

Knowing the real world is less real and less true

She can’t and won’t fight the effects of his presence

She embraces them, but laments that him she cannot

His touch is paralysing, full of passion unfulfilled

Of Hope, of Faith, of Lust, of Love

He empowers her to be all she can be

To shoot for the stars and live out her dreams

She’s shot through the heart, and he is her star,

The greatest of all and the light of her life,

Pushing her forward, guiding her home

Where she Hopes he will meet her,

Though timescale unknown


First Kiss

Eyes lock
Eyes wide
No blink
Your face
I see
Your hands
Pull you
Draw you
Breath you



Yes she still beats

but oh so soft

like she is tired

or not yet awake

even music cannot stir her

she is in a faraway place

a twilight zone

no mans land

so soft so low

breaths so shallow

you’d think her owner were dead

My heart and I

I tried again today
To reason with her
Make her see sense
But she wouldn’t listen

As usual she ignored me
So headstrong
So stubborn
So on my sleeve (so me)

I explained again
Our situation
But no she said
No negotiations

I told her to let go
To break free, give up
But she won’t have it
She beats with hope

She’s holding on
She’s sticking tight
She’s still in love
With all her might

Why won’t she listen
It’s been over a year
Since she felt his warmth
Since he was here

But still she loves
Still she longs
Still she hopes
Believes he will return

He loves another
now I cry
She doesn’t care
And so I cry

He let us go
Just do the same
No she says
Not today

How about tomorrow?
maybe next week
No she states
Release is for the weak.

He made a fool of us
And now you’re making a fool of me
I don’t care she says
We’re meant to be

What about logic?
Sense and reason?
He left us and has moved on
Why don’t you stop believing?!

“They are not my languages
I speak faith hope and LOVE
Time is not over
so I will remain ALOVE”

Confused heart by ~D-r-i-f-t on deviantART

Miss Naomi Jane (by Laura)

Jane I see in your eyes a stormy ice,
I dream of your hidden power,
I warm myself on your cold burn.
She is raging, my Jane and she will, will do, whatever is needed for her own emancipation.
Jane will rise, standing on the line between all and nothing and dancing the salsa, the rhythm of her own heart is enough, and she sings her own songs.
Where will she go, up lovers, higher,
what will she do lover, the best she can.
With one eye on them that would have her brought low, but only a farewell eye, she says goodbye to those who doubt, who hate and she smiles, they are not worth her rage.
Her other eye on glory, heart for god and her mind, well that’s for me and ill dance with it into the night come morning,
Naomi would you dance with me.

-Laura Akinsami

The Time Has Come

The time has come to say good-bye
The time has come to let ‘us’ die
The time has come to give up hope
The time has come to let ‘us’ go.

I don’t know what you thought
What you would achieve
Coming back into my life
With a female on your sleeve

I was healing
I was getting there
And then you turn up
Your scent fills my air

Flashbacks and desires
Are awoken anew
My thoughts, my mind
Consumed by you

You say you’ll leave her
I say I don’t want to know
But deep, deep down
I hoped that it was so

Two months later
You’re still texting my phone
‘Wha gwan’, ‘what’s cracking’
But you’re still not alone

You call me in the morning
Again in the afternoon
-Before and after training
When you are on your own

The way you speak to me changes
Friendship was never your aim
It seems you want to talk dirty
Play with my mind, play bad games

I am not your first lady now
I am no longer your Queen
I am now ‘the other woman’
But I cannot stand to be she

I am no one’s closet woman
But in your mind that seems so
And as that is the case now
I have to let you go.

I will not cry
No tears are left
But now this love
I put to rest


She traced and painted his shape with her fingertips in the dark
She sculpted his muscles, drew his frame
She breathed so heavy, sighed so loud
Finally he had come. Finally he was here, with her, again, at last.
He has returned.
She opened her eyes, blinked,
And he was gone.

I couldn’t let you go, you weren’t mine to hold

This is For You

I want to be set alight, I want to be burnt, I want to be renewed. I want to not want you. I want to focus on the important things, character, integrity and purity of mind. I have one, maybe two when I so choose. But I want it all. Such a diva. Thoughts cannot run away with you, you run them, they are within you and not outside, not externalised, until you vocalise them. Until you make them timeless with your utterance.

Your words touch me in places words read cannot go.

Open door

You say you do not want to open doors, though you open the largest door of all, the door of communication, and then say so. You open the biggest door there is. You reached out to me. But no outstretched arms. No love to offer, no dreams fulfilled. You open the door, look at me, face blank and beautiful. Say sorry. And turn away. And walk. Walk away from me. I cannot walk through the door, it is yours to open, and yours to invite me through. But you do not invite me, you turn your back and walk. Again. I am left standing at the door. On the wrong side. The cold outside is where I remain. You do not close it as you leave. You leave it open, so I can watch you depart. Why did you open the door. Why did you. I feel helpless. Ripped open. Left bare. Left cold. Back to peace you stroll. Leaving me at war with myself. With you goes more of my love, it awakens sensing you, and for a brief moment, as light streams through the door you open there is joy. Hope reawakens with my stirring love. But your face, your words, they silence the joy. Stifle her and her hope with your expressionlessness. You are not here to take me with you. With this realisation, the bittersweet love pain rouses, and my love leaves me. Following you. Following its owner, Leaving me empty. But for the pain. Back to what you want you head. While I remain, and watch all I want walk. Away. Again.

swallowing sorry

as you do every now and again
you crossed my mind
and strolled thru my thoughts
just yesterday
so i thought it was time
i put paper to pen
and shared my mind
i realised a while ago
i was a real bitch
selfish proud and stubborn
putting up a big show
in my car in the dark
late that hard night
this is an apology
in a lyrical form
not worth much
but meant strong like a storm
i hope you are well
and your lady friend too
i wish you happiness
success and joy
in all you do
and yes as you know
i still love you