Black Britain Decides

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Black Britain Decides’ is sure to be the biggest BME political rally of the 2010 General Election. This will be our collective opportunity to tell the political leaders and their parties that we care about our nation and we demand our right to make it a better place for everyone.

Operation Black Vote , the 1990 Trust in partnership with church leaders, other faith leaders, business leaders, activists and the Peace Alliance will be hosting a political rally ‘Black Britain Decides’ on Wednesday 28th of April 2010, at 6.30pm. It is to be held at The Methodist Church, Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH.

In an anticipated closely fought election battle, the BME vote becomes crucial. We have outlined that there are at least 120 marginal seats that BME voters could significantly influence. This then is our time to demand greater social and racial justice.

The rally will be the biggest of it’s kind with all three party leaders invited along as well as other prominent speakers. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for Black Britain to play a positive and powerful role in this critical General Election campaign.

Black Britain Decides’ is free and places are limited so registering is essential. You can register on the web at:

For any queries please contact Jyoti Bhojani or Aisha Hassan on 0208 983 5460 or

Many thanks,

Simon Woolley

Director of Operation Black Vote

(Posted on behalf of Simon Woolley who was a fellow guest speaker at Silence is Not Golden)


Really looking forward to attending this exciting evening of thought-provoking performance and debate being directed by my dear and extremely talented friend Dean Atta.

Silence is Not Golden is a one-off event where the young people of The Broadway Youth Board, Rhymes Won’t Wait and Words In Motion have collaborated to create innovative pieces that voice the views of young people on a variety of relevant and important issues that often go unheard by a wider audience.

Photo credits to: RedNinja Photography

“SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN is a creative response to the forthcoming election and the big issues of the day, using spoken word poetry, music, theatre and dance to create an exciting evening of collaborations and conversations between artists and activists, youth ministers and youth workers, campaigners and councilors, audience and performer, younger and older.”

Join me there at 5.30pm on Sunday 18th April at The Broadway Theatre, Barking, E. London.

Check out the event on Facebook.

Book your tickets (£5 / £3 for concessions) on: 020 8507 5607


NJ* x


Are you bothered about the way our country is run?

If so I strongly recommend you check out this brilliant grassroots national campaign for real democratic change in the UKPOWER2010.

If like me, you believe in the potential of clean democracy and accountable political leadership then please take the time to check out the POWER2010 campaign and vote for the reforms you would most like to take place in the UK.

This is about reinvigorating our democracy from the grassroots upwards.

The five motions with the most votes will be taken to Parliament as part of the POWER2010 Pledge.

Votes close on Monday 22 February 2010.

Please take the time to review the motions and vote for reform HERE.

Peace, love and democracy…

NJ x

We are One.

Ok so generally I’m not a political preacher. But this is important. This is about getting our major political parties to be real about what they have planned to tackle GLOBAL POVERTY.

Extreme poverty is very real and life-threatening for billions. We need to care.

Lots has been done since the awesome Make Poverty History Campaign came to an end four years ago. But there is SO much more to be done. The UK has the resources and (in my opinion) the humanitarian duty to do what it can to assist those in need.

We all know it’s election year and a lot of political figureheads will be doing a lot of chatting…

But I seriously want to know what the potential leaders of our country have planned to fight extreme poverty.

I want to hear from our three major political party leaders; Brown, Cameron and Clegg what is on their agenda to maintain and advance the UK’s role as a global leader for sustainable international development.

I’ve just signed a petition over at One International to ask the big cats to be real and honest about their plans to help those who really need it.

This is about asking for answers to important questions.

I’d really appreciate if you join me, it’ll only take a sec.

Please spread the word!

Thanks guys

We are One.