Jill Scott – He Loves Me

Jill Scott – He Loves Me

One of my all time favourite songs!

Sunday Sessions 38…

I felt like some Omar today, same as last week! Nothing like his honey-velvet tones on a Sunday.

Omar- There’s Nothing Like This

Sunday Sessions 35…

It’s the way he loves me…. đŸ™‚

Jill Scott – The Way taken from her multi-platinum selling debut album Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1

Sunday Sessions 34…

Nothing like some weekend love…

Dwele – Weekend Love

Sunday Sessions 32…

What a sexy video. Perfect for a Sunday Session đŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t mind being in that bathtub…

Maxwell – Luxury : Cococure taken from his 1998 album Embrya

Sunday Sessions 28…

You are everywhere…

(Pics aren’t mine but the lyrics could’ve come straight out of my heart)


My wonderful lil sis took me to see Passion last night an intimate concert as a surprise ‘pick-me-up’ treat.

What an Angel. Thank you Em. x

Passion, who’d flown over all the way from San Fran to bless us, was absolutely amazing!

Here are three tracks to give you a taster of the soul food we got served (these songs really resonate with me):

For more marvellous melody, check Passion’s YouTube channel.

If you can though, try and see him live, he is touring the UK for the rest of the month!

Side note: He has a beautiful Faith.

Peace, love and Passion

NJ x

She Was Fly…

Some soothing musical medicine. Just what I needed today.

Give me Pretty Wings

Maxwell – He is AH_MAZE_ZING live, the heart throb that he is, strumming my heart strings as he does…LOOK AT THAT FACE *SWOON*

Daley – Reppin’ the UK beautifully with an electrifying acoustic version…

Makes me reminisce about past conversations about my (in)visible pretty wing(s)… *insert passion-filled sigh here*

I’m in LUV!


So even though I was absolutely mash up after five fantastic days (and nights) showing my Brazilian brother @JonathasBarreto the wonders of London town, I ended up down @iluvlive this evening, mainly due to me checking out Jessie J’s MySpace and falling in love *swoon*…




Think Maxwell, Dwele, Eric Roberson, D’Angelo (the best years) and Calvin Richardson. Then forget them all. Watch this, and TRY to imagine it’s beauty live, you won’t get the half, but it’s worth it for the half alone:

Women were CRYING. Really.

Check his MySpace for his original works and further blessing.

I found him backstage after his performance (that’s such a crap word) – can I call it a ‘soul-sermon-sung'(?) and got on my knees and bowed before him. (no blasphemy)



I don’t really know where to start. I became a fan today after seeing the Twitter hype about this beautiful lady and checking her out online. Her talent is outofthisworld. She is also damn sexay. Swagger of a true Princess. Aura of of a Queen…

As soon as I arrived I searched her out and tried a chirpsing ting. I failed to get the digits *sigh* but I think she got the jist…

I was there to see her!

She is already, deservedly, making international waves having written the ‘Party in the USA‘ smash that is sung by Miley Cyrus and gave us a cheeky exclusive rendition of the original version as she wrote it- ‘ESSEX PARTY’!

Here is my fav song outta the ones she blessed us with. It shows how cool she is too! Imagine it live (again, the half is worth the time) with a room full of music-loving Jessie-wanting singalongers. BLISS.

Check the Princess’ MySpace for more joy.

I had such a blessed evening I have personally e-mailed the organiser my thanks and appreciation. If you attended and wish to do the same hit up Racheal at Impact Ventures.

With UK talent like this getting recognised and moving up and out, no one can contest the fact that the UK music industry is standing up, standing tall and proud and making waves.

I am so excited for these guys and their bright futures. May they continue to shine their talent on us, warming our souls, and the souls of many more, for many years to come.

To get on guestlist for i luv live, which is on with a fresh new line-up every Monday at Proud Galleries, Camden, e-mail my sweetheart sian@livity.co.uk


Peace, Love and Treble Clefs x