Women Are Heroes

An emotive and moving trailer of the film ‘Women are Heroes’ by the infamous French photographer JR who in 2008 traveled to the corners of the world to capture in photo and film the strength, courage and dignity of women who live in areas of conflict. Sorry the first vid is in French, I read French but even if you don’t the imagery is powerful alone.

JR wanted to help women fulfill their need to tell their stories, with the life in their faces and the pain in their hearts.

(Warning: this clip is pretty hard hitting)

JR has been awarded the TED 2011 Prize for his fascinating, innovative photography projects.

The world’s streets and hills are his canvas.

I am in awe of his creativity and his selflessness – to this day he remains anonymous so as to ensure his subjects and their stories are the focus of the public.

Forget Lily Allen or Woody Allen, It’s all about Hoodie Allen!!

Words of Wisdom -Hoodie Allen feat. Two Door Cellar

Big up Josh at Livity for this.

Wear Sunscreen…

Will’s Wisdom…

I am in love.

Anyone know a think-a-like?? If he is also a lookalike and single… introduce us and BUY YOUR HAT!

There is a new Mad Woman in TwitterTown …

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