Passion Tears – Advent in Poetry


It’s been a while.

So my last blog post here was over a year and a half ago. I guess when I stopped working for myself full time I felt I had less to write about and document. In retrospect of course I know that’s definitely not true, in fact being a full time employee is teaching my an awful lot! And as an entrepreneur on a sabbatical (if you will) I think I have a lot I should be sharing. So maybe I will recommence blogging here shortly.

Anyway in the meantime I’ve started sharing some of my old love poems (written between 2005-2009ish) over at – I’m sharing one a day for the whole month of December, a sort of Advent in Poetry.

Some of them were previously shared on this blog, but I recovered them all en masse when I recently got my old hard drive fixed and some have made be laugh, some have made me cry and some have made me cringe!

I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

NJ x

Over Formentera

Watching the sun
Rise over the Isle
The sea glistens bright
as he greets her and smiles.

His mistress moon gone
Along with the night
And here is his Goddess
Taking her flight.

Ascend as she does
With beauty + might
The sea looking on
With desire + pride.

He longs to be near her
Reunited again
The only way
Is if he becomes rain.

She lights up his world
At the break of each day
Warming his depths
With her beautiful face.

Written at Sea – Thurs 16th September 2010


I heard his smile

It warmed my heart

Maybe just maybe

We could start…

Rough Lust

Eat me out

Eat me up

Kiss me soft




Eyes roll back

Knuckles white

Moan then scream




Gently stroke

Quickly thrust

Yet again




One more fix

One more hit

All I want




Amor Vincit Omnia

Single or involved,

Loved up or heart-broken,

We all are loved.

We all know the beauty of love.

We all can live a life of love.

We are love.

Have You Seen Her?

Have you seen her?
That blue eyed girl
With a smile bigger than her face
And a laugh so loud you wince.

Have you seen her?
That green eyed girl
With such an appetite for adventure
She dares to take on the world.

Have you seen her?
That grey eyed girl
With her inquisitive mind
Her desire to learn, to see, to know.

Have you seen her?
That bright eyed girl?
With her dreams of change
And grand plans for progress.

Have you seen her?
That golden eyed girl
With her passion for freedom
Her love for justice and peace.

Have you seen her?
The Irish eyed girl.
Please send her to me.
Back to me.
Her and I were meant to be.
Without she

The Vixen & The Beast

She is from south
He is from east
She is a vixen
He is a beast

Match made in Heaven
So it would seem
She is the cat
He is her cream

Put them together
Fireworks start
He gives his body
She gives her heart

Intellect prospers
Challenge they must
The least that they have
Is a mountain of lust

Coming Together

Desire shows

Breath deep

Blood flows

No sleep

Lips lock

Lust more

Hips rock

Sweat pours

Monday Mornings

Coffee and water
Notepad and pen
Listen and talk
Do it again

Temporary Freedom

I can’t drink anymore

One sip and I’m on the way to numb

To false freedom, temporary release

From the prison of my love for you

Vices momentarily unlock my cage

So I can roam blind drunk

Or moaning to God for thanks

Wildly unaware

You in the back of my mind

A distant memory

Until the distraction ends

And I am bound again